The Ultimate Guide to replace Big Tech with free and open source software. Say bye to Big Tech, mass surveillance, surveillance capitalism and censorship. Say hello to free and open source software and to encryption. For a free, open and privacy respecting Internet. For the future. For the unborn.

7 Steps To Online Privacy

The Ultimate Guide to replace Big Tech with Free and Open Source Software.

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Privacy is a fundamental human right. Save it by saying no to data exploitation, filter bubbles, 24/7 surveillance and censorship.


Choose a safe and private browser. Block trackers, cookies and ads. Use privacy-respecting search engines.


Keep conversations private. Use end-to-end encryption to secure your emails, messages and calls.


Choose strong, unique passwords and use two-factor authentication. Backup and encrypt your online data.


Switch to a Google and iOS-free phone. Favour free and open source apps. Use community maintained app stores.


Take your first steps in GNU/Linux. Favour free and open source apps.


Choose privacy respecting providers. Setup your own secure server and self host your cloud services. Get full ownership of your data.