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Roadmap — A glimpse into the future


We'll continue adding new content and features, creating localised versions and keeping everything tidy and up to date. There will be regular minor releases for corrections and maintenance, and quarterly major releases to introduce new features and content:

Release Features
Q3 2021 • Upgrade Material for MkDocs

• Add dark mode

• Release localised version (French)

• Add ElectronMail

• Add Session

• Add Linux Mint
Q4 2021 • Publish source code on GitLab & open to contributors

• Release localised version (German)

• Add Bitwarden

• Add Fediverse projects (Mastodon, PeerTube, Diaspora, Lemmy, Pixelfed)

• Add PicaSoft
Q1 2022 • Update Ubuntu to LTS 22.04

• Update server hardening (fail2ban, log file & system stat monitoring, etc.)

• Update ECharts

• Add Nextcloud
Date to be decided • Release localised version (Spanish)

• Add Seafile & OnlyOffice integration

• Add PhotoPrism

• Add

• Add GrapheneOS

• Add /e/

• Add PinePhone


A look in the mirror

Release Features
Q3 2020 • Launched
Q4 2020 • Redesigned visual identity & user experience

• Migrated to Material for MkDocs, with CDNs & analytics disabled

• Updated ECharts
Q1/Q2 2021 • Added & updated content: Get started, Browse privately, Speak freely, Store safely, Free your phone, Free your computer, Free your cloud, About

• Added screencasts

• Added social networks